Pinterest success (1 of 203)

Posted on June 11 2017

I'm going to be honest - I have a bit of a candle problem.  My spare room closet is full of my favourite candles.  We've all been there, you see something amazing on Pinterest - and say to yourself: Self, that can't possibly be that hard.  Then you try it, and $340.45 later, you have a mess of beads, glue and sparkles that look nothing like the Pinterest Pin.  So, when I saw same examples of similar teacup candles on Pinterest, I just had to give it a go (though my Pinterest failure rate thus far is reasonably high).  I'm happy to report, this is NOT one of those circumstances.  I had an absolute blast making these pretty little candles.  I hunted around town for some pretty discarded teacups, and spending way too many minutes picking just the right scents.    I really enjoy the result, though I'm not positive if I'm ever going to burn them (too pretty). 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!




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